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💝  Love  Status 💝
You  look so good  even when you are away  , not knowing  how good you would have been if you had passed   . 4

🌹 Cute  love status  hindi 🌹
Everyone's  life  in less than  a  man 🙋♂️ then  be  supposed that we have  true  love and heart ♥ ️  Care  does.

Gum did   not let you laugh , the world did   not let us cry , sleep  came.  So your memories did   not let me sleep . 4

If  4 someone  4 starts 4 worrying more than you in 
life then life  becomes paradise  4..

Could not understand your decisions yet
Oh God ..!
We don't deserve that ..
There is no strength in our prayers

There will be a moment # # in your leisure
When he has created a #thirsty like you
#No_know which? #Dua #accepted ours,
Which he will mix with me, # # with you.

In life, there is no support
बारBar - bar # no _ loving # love _ no _ meeting,
#Khokar and he never got # again.

Thank you "We" .. "You" .. did not "meet" .... 💞💞 otherwise 

your "eyes" .. "your" .. "against" .... 💞💞
Ek tera Didar makes me forget all my gumo, makes
my life a life.
Save lakhs of hearts, but it is
loved, eyes are on sight, it becomes mischief.

This life is so beautiful,
just come now you need it.

Some people fall in love so much,
They are asking what has happened to us, now how can we tell them that they have fallen in
love with them.

Love Shayari  For  GF
Neither the desire of the moon, nor the request of the stars,
you are with me in every moment, this is my desire.
What is the benefit of drinking jam on jam, in the
evening PK will come down in the morning,
just drink two ghut my love, then
all your life will be drunk.
Make a promise to us that we will not make you cry,
whatever the circumstances are we will never forget
you, will hide us in your eyes,
and will not show them to anyone again.
God just asks for your happiness
, your prayers in prayers,
what do you ask for,
Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, sometimes you
wake up from sleep,
but whenever you remember us wholeheartedly,
you really give a moment of our life.
Love Shayari  For BF
Neither do you want gulfam, nor do you want any salute, you
just need a message of love,
and the one who can fly away after drinking, our beloved ,
our Lajjo needs such a jam.
When one night reminds you of someone,
and the cold air rubs your hair,
close your eyes and go to sleep,
and we will secretly come to your dreams.
when you will express love, know when you will love us
, these nights are passing in your memory,
when you will also be waiting for us.
Flowers blossom, there is an end to the spring, in
such a season, love accumulates,
the words of the heart are not told by the lips
Now we do not want to lose you, we do not want to
cry in your memories,
every moment we have with you,
now just want to say this to you.

Love Shayari  SMS
The journey is as far as you are, the
sight is as far as you are,
we have seen thousands of gulls in Gulshan,
but the fragrance is as far as you are.
Slowly you come into our heart,
like fragrance
, you are scattered in my breath, now it is in your love,
you are seen only when you wake up.

I am crazy about you, do not deny me,
how can I say that I do not love,
some mischief was there for your eyes,
I am not alone in its guise.

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